Join us for Founder Interview Series

Founder Interviews are great for three reasons: challenges that might occur, how to over come them, and you are not actually alone in this.

Is it not easy being a founder, there are a lot of trials and tribulations that come with building a startup and developing it through the years. Even well established companies face problems like staying relevant in the changing times and evolving with the change in demand, they also have to keep up with any advancements in technologies so as not to become outdated.

One thing we always say to new founders is that there are so many lessons to be learnt, in stories of established founders or in new entrepreneurs. In empires and in small firms fit in a single room. In successes and in failures. We believe that there is no set formula for achieving greatness, personally or professionally. But what we do believe is in mutual support and in life-long learning.

One of the best ways that we have found, for aspiring entrepreneurs to find motivation and inspiration is in stories of founders and to listen to founders talk about their journey to stardom and how they overcame obstacles. There is no one path to success and no two stories are ever the same.

This is why, Indian Startups presents to you – the Founder Series. A one of its kind series where we will hold sessions and interview with founders from across India and from around the world, from different walks of life and with a diverse portfolio. 

We invite you, founders and entrepreneurs, to sit down and have a cup of coffee with us, to tell us your story and journey. How you beat all odds and made it big. Tell us how you grew from an idea to a business. We would love to talk about your inspirations, your dreams and your plans for the future. A platform all for you and your startup journey.

And as a community, in Indian Startup, we go above and beyond to bring you the best resources and events to help you in your journey. 

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